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Looking for some info, new to the area
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Thread: Looking for some info, new to the area

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    Looking for some info, new to the area

    Hey guys,

    I just recently moved to Edmonton from Ontario. I am looking for some contacts for local competitive (d1) teams or palyers. I am a serious paintballer and am hoping to find a solid squad to practice with over the winter and start the 2013 season with them.

    I'm curious as to what leagues there are to compete in locally. Ive been struggling to find information on what currently exists and to what caliber of play. Just interested to see whats in the works out here!


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    First you may find that there is not a ton of info on this particular forum. The level of activity is low.

    There are a number of changes going on in Alberta regarding paintball and leagues. I would recommend swinging by PAG and asking around.

    You will notice that the quantity of teams is lower but the quality of teams is strong.
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    High Octane will be having regular practices during the winter at P.A.G, also we want to try to put together a solid d2 7man team to practice with!

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