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Starting a new team.
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Thread: Starting a new team.

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    Starting a new team.

    Looking for some “mature” players to start a team with. I am planning on participating in local events as well as D4/D3 CPPL events (5 man) in the season of 2013. Practices will be sporadic but I would like to get together at least once a month. I would also like to get some form of customized jerseys. I have played some tournament ball prior to this season and enjoy it but am not one that wants to be a paintball first individual. Paintball is my hobby and what I do for fun. I am looking for individuals that want to play for fun but still want to play in organized tournaments. I want mature players as I want this to be a social thing as well. In the past I have played with a lot of different people and although it is still fun to play it is hard to relate to a 16 year old and his issues when mine are so different. I have no set definition of mature but for starters I am 40 with 2 young children. I consider old more of a lifestyle than an age. I have no issues starting a team with players with little to no experience. We will just play D4.

    -Must have reliable transportation to and from tournaments / practices
    -Be able to pay your own way
    -Respectful to players and refs on and off the field

    -have own speedball gear. Marker, pod pack, mask, etc. Not fussy on brand, age but it needs to work

    We will discuss tournaments, positions and Jerseys as a team. We will need a team name as well.

    If you interested .

    Fill this out and send me a PM
    Name -
    Age -
    Years Playing-
    Tournament Experience-
    Equipment -

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    I am committed to a team but they dont play local. Have a buddy Jeff that is fitting that bill as well. I will talk to u tonight.

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    Oh hey im looking for a team for the 2013 yr


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