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Young Guns 5-Man Open Tournament
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Thread: Young Guns 5-Man Open Tournament

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    Young Guns 5-Man Open Tournament

    5 Man Open Tournament

    Players of all levels and abilities

    Teams may have up to 7 players registered

    Day and Time

    August 19, 2012

    Suggested Arrival Time: 9:00 Captains Meeting 9:45

    Start time: 10:00 am


    Young Guns Paintball

    Game Scoring: Teams will receive 1 point for a flag pull and 2 points for a flag hang.
    After each game, the Captains will approach the "Score Keeper" and confirm the game played and who won.

    Game Time Limit: 5 minutes

    Penalties: Everyone is expected to police themselves and play with the highest respect for their opponents and themselves.

    1. (Velocity limit is 290fps). Every player will chronograph their marker in front of a ref each and every time they take the field.

    2. Hits. As per the 'standard' paintball rules. A paintball must break and leave a quarter sized mark.
    Penalties for playing on after receiving a valid hit:
    2a. Unobvious hit (1 for 1)
    2b. Obvious Hit (2 for 1)
    2c. Wipe (3 for 1)
    We strive to keep Paintball play a game of honour and cheating will not be tolerated.

    3. Paint checks: If you are unsure of a hit, stop shooting and ask a ref to check you. You are not neutral until a ref touches you.
    3a. if you continue to shoot or move on an opponent after calling a paint check and you are found to have a hit you will receive a penalty.
    3b. You may call a paint check on an opponent. Excessive paint checks or using paint checks to gain a positional advantage will constitute Un-Sportsman like conduct.

    4. Un-Sportsman like conduct: Players will receive a warning and then be removed on a second offence for un-Sportsman like conduct which includes but not limited to: Swearing, playing on, excessive paint checks, etc.

    5. General Rules

    1. All players must have barrels touching the netting before the game is started.

    2. Any player that removes their barrel (or steps away) from the netting before the Head Ref yells “Go” must return touch the netting before continuing. Any player failing to do so will be eliminated.
    3. Any player that fires their marker from an early start as outlined above will immediately be eliminated.

    4. Any player playing on will be pulled and will be assessed a 1-for-1 (unobvious hit) or a 2-for-1 (obvious hit). If there are not enough players remaining on the offending team, the other team will automatically be given the win.


    Registration Fee’s

    $150 per team

    Young Guns paintball event paint only!

    Regular field paint will not be used.


    60% of all entry fees will be broken up into the prize purse

    The prize purse will be broken up as follows:

    50% for 1 st place
    35% 2 nd place

    15% 3 rd place

    Bonus Prize

    If a team wins 1 st place without receiving a penalty the entire day, they will receive up to 7 weekday season passes for the entire team as a reward for their outstanding honour and integrity!

    Registration can be done over the phone or in store at :

    Young Guns Paintball Stony Plain (780)-963-4006

    All teams must PRE PAY TO PRE REGISTER


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    Well I'd lose the bound prize ahahah

    "I ****ing caught it"

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    How I lost the bonus prize last tournament was complete bull ahah. I'm still mad... Took a hit to the right leg right where my phone is during a run through, got called for playing with an obvious hit 2 for 1. I even asked him to feel my phone right there and at least not let this count for the prize but nooOOOppe. Ah well, this'll be fun.

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    What was bull was some ****er didn't get his *** off the field quick enough, resulted in me running out of bounds as I was running his *** down. Those refs really ***** at everything, first I get called for overshooting, then for out of bound.

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    Might put a team into this one... just for funsies.

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    Sweet, right now my teams the only one registered.

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    Yo hth. Were you at the one earlier this year? Like a week or two ago?

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    Ahah n00b_cake. NOOO MAN! I gotta win some tourneys eh? Just go to the curenament instead ahah. I'll probably sign up sometime this week or next. Finally got my new baby to bring out.

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