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Nothern Resistance Scenario Game Chapter II "After the Thaw"
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Thread: Nothern Resistance Scenario Game Chapter II "After the Thaw"

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    Nothern Resistance Scenario Game Chapter II "After the Thaw"

    XCalibre Paintball Park Presents;

    “Northern Resistance” continuing Scenario game!
    Chapter II – “After the thaw”

    ...The winter following the initial invasion of North America was an exceptionally cold one, preventing any big moves from either side of the conflict. The Canadian Resistance, well aware of the perils of the season were able to hold off any attempts made by the NLA to seize more ground in central Alberta, but lacked the ability to protect any supplies coming in from the east. The NLA, however, realizing this, and being well supplied, made the decision to make only small strikes over the winter and spring, and organize for a large offensive come the summer.
    The NLA have taken ground stretching down the west coast, and into the mountains, and are engaged in many conflicts in the major cities where the armed forces still have a strong presence. Pockets of resistance have sprung up all over western Canada, with little help arriving from the east, or from the armed forces who are hardly able to hold the cities. One such pocket of resistance is in the northern area of Alberta, which saw a surprisingly large, and organized, resistance against the NLA, who were caught by surprise and unable to push forward past them.
    The battle lines have been drawn, courage has been show, and the war wages on! Will you fight?

    ************************************************** ***********************************

    Join us at XCalibre Paintball in our continuing scenario game; Northern Resistance!
    -Game day is Saturday June 4th! Doors open at 8am to start registration, the game begins between 10:00am – 10:30am.
    -Camping is free at the field all weekend, fire pits and wood available!
    -Entry fee for the game is only $10! Paint is $70, or $80 for premium, and $20 off regular gear rental costs! Standard package will be $15, upgrades will take you up to $25, $40, or $50 for the top package!
    -For any questions, comments, information/directions, please visit our website;

    Game rules(subject to change):

    Game 1
    Hold the Line!
    This game will take place between the trenches field and deadwood field. The resistance will start in the trenches, on the defensive from an NLA assault. The NLA will start in Deadwood and assault the trenches. The resistance will set up in the trenches, and the game will begin when the NLA are ready to assault, which will be a silent start for the resistance, they must be on guard.
    There will be 5 flags throughout the trenches; all set to the resistance colour at the start of the game, the NLA will have to change the flag colour to their own.
    This game will be 30 minutes long. There will be unlimited respawns for the first 15 minutes, after that time; once you are eliminated you don’t get to return.
    NLA safe zone is town, Resistance safe zone is the main area.
    Once a flag station is turned to NLA, it is permanently theirs, and at the end of the game, all flag stations will be counted, and each of your flags up is 10 points.

    Game 2
    Prison Break!
    This game will take place in the Town, where the NLA are guarding prisoners, and the Resistance attempting to rescue them. The NLA will start around the town; the resistance will start in deadwood. The pipeline is the border for this game, players may not step into the open. The game will be much like trenches, except the resistance is assaulting, and will be the ones who begin the game and assault when ready.
    NLA dead box is junkyard, Resistance is the main area. When the NLA is crossing the pipeline to enter play, they are neutral, and are only active once they enter the tree line.
    There will be 5 prisoners throughout the town to be rescued. Once a resistance player has the prisoner, they must return them back to their safe zone. You are NOT neutral when you have the prisoner, you can still be eliminated. If you are eliminated with the prisoner, drop the prisoner and walk off the field. The prisoner can be picked up by another live player, however, the NLA cannot pick the prisoner up and return them, nor can they move them to different locations throughout the game.
    This game will last 30 minutes. Unlimited respawns for the first 15, after that, once eliminated, youre out of the game.
    For every prisoner returned, 10 points for the resistance, for every prisoner left in the town, 10 points for the NLA.

    Game 3
    Supply Route
    This game will be a little bit different than the other games. There will be a supply truck starting at one end of the pipeline, and it must traverse through a planned route through the courses to a final destination. There will be a number of road blocks the truck must stop at, and wait for the blockage to be removed before continuing on to the next.
    A referee will be driving the vehicle, and referees will be alongside to ensure safety.
    Dead boxes are to be determined at a later date when the route is planned.
    This game will be 40 minutes.
    Each location the resistance has moved the truck through will be 10 points, each location the truck not been moved through will award 10 points to the NLA.
    This game will have a limited respawn. When the game begins, all players may respawn at the designated spawn point, however, after 20 minutes of gameplay respawn is removed, and once you are eliminated you are out of the game completely.
    Resistance dead box is the speedball area, NLA will be junkyard.
    Resistance players will be shown how to “remove” the road blocks if needed so there is no confusion when they get to one. The NLA cannot lock it back up if they have the choice.
    This game will take place on the west side of the pipeline (opposite to bunkers side), and the border will be the pipeline. All other areas open for play and manoeuvrability.

    Game 4
    Just another day…
    This game will be a straight up paintball war! The NLA will start in the maze; the resistance will start in the Junkyard.
    The entire southwest portion of the pipeline will be in play, the borders being the pipeline, and the clearing around the fort, as well as the usual field boundaries.
    A number of flags will be put up all around the area; you must ensure your colour is up at the middle and end of the game to be awarded points. As usual, 10 points per flag hang.
    This match will be 30 minutes long, and medics will be in play. All players will be granted 2 lives, when they are eliminated they return to the dead box and get a mark on their wristband, upon your third elimination you are out of the game. Medics will be given cards, to which they can give to eliminated players, which they take to the dead box with them, turn in to the referee there and they can return to play without a mark.
    Dead box for the NLA is in the fort and the clearing around the fort is neutral, but entering the tree line makes you live in the game and you can only enter play from the tree line. For the resistance its in the town, with the pipeline is neutral area, and you may only enter play from the junkyard.

    Game 5
    Show of Force
    This game will take place in and around the fort. The NLA are defending it, the Resistance will be attacking it.
    There will be 5 flags inside the fort, one in each tower, and one in the middle of the courtyard. The inside will have bunkers spread out all over. Each flag will be worth 10 points.
    This game has a 40 minute time limit, and medics will be in play. In this game, each player has three lives.
    NLA dead box is in a corner of the fort, it will be shown to you beforehand and netted off from play, the resistance dead box is out at the pipeline, which will be shown to you beforehand as well.
    NLA starts in the fort, resistance starts at the pipeline. There are no boundaries for this game, other than the usual field boundaries.

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