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Thread: closet clean-out

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    closet clean-out

    i got an XRAY T1R on road RC car kit

    it has been built but never used
    comes with a mazda 6 body still in the package and 2 pairs of foam tires for carpet racing


    RealRace G2 R/C simulator (game and controller(r/c style))----$40
    this sim is 130 new and its never truly been used

    Team Associated RC10-T4 electric off road truck & extra body- this is just the truck with no electronics in it but it does have a couple upgrades ---- $75

    These prices are ridiculously low for what you get but i need to get rid of this stuff A.S.A.P cause i need the money and i havnt touched this stuff in months if not longer

    will possibly trade for paintball gear but mainly looking for cash

    any reasonable offer will be considered and most likely taken

    Will NOT ship anything but can and will meet anywhere in the city to sell the stuff
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    up any offers will be considered

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    PM Me Back ASAP.......

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    i will quite literally take any offer on this stuff i need it gona asap and need to pay some bills

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    up willing to trade for pb gear but unreasonable cash offers may be accepted

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    is the rc cars gas powered

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    The heck is warhammer?

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    they are electric

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    pics of rc car


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