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    Consolidated Forum Rules/Must Read

    Wow I never realized how much stuff the mods post... and how Mod3006 doesn't add any - he just enforces Anyway:
    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post

    Those caught spamming the forums with links will be warned.

    Those caught spamming EP on other forums. Thank you for the advertisement but please let us remain in good credentials. You will be banned if sufficient proof is provided that you spammed another forum.
    The Moderators here are unkown to each other and to the public. Please respect ALL members.
    This is a relaxed site. Just follow the above rules and have common sense and we'll be fine.
    Please post your events not only in the forums but in the Calender as well. Keep in mind for $25 you can have your event listed on the main page along with a discussion forum up till just after the event is finished.
    Try to keep things in the proper forum. The forum is set-up as simple as possible. Suggestions are always welcome. If it is in a wrong forum the moderator's will just move it.
    Forum Functions

    Spellcheck. Pretty much self-explanatory
    Reputation points. Please do not abuse this it is tracked. If a user posted something very useful to the forum you can give them points. The points have no value and are more so there for fun.
    Click the folders if you want to go back to the main Forum
    Avatars are activated but must upload or link off-site. Avatars will be taken down if inappropriate.
    Use the report function. If you see something that a moderator has not happened to see. Please let us know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    No Advertising/Spam in the forums

    This DOES NOT mean we will not let you post events.

    Post events in the correct forums regardless of where your event is located.

    What the payed event advertising MEANS is to have a banner on the MAIN PAGE linked to a public forum. This public forum would then be archived for future reference.

    EP was MEANT and HOPED to be an unbiased site regardless of where you play or where you come from!

    All fields are welcome to post their Events as this is considered promoting your EVENT.

    All players and non-paintball players has and ALWAYS will be WELCOMED to EP. Infact the more non-paintball players we have to this site the better the community may become, regardless of where they decide to play.

    Please do not let and speculation or "politics" play into what we all love about paintball, and that is playing and getting along with friends.

    The site is growing fast. It will only grow bigger along with the community itself in Edmonton IF we ALL work together regardless of allegiances. Which will bring a better competitive and fun community. Keep that in mind.

    With that in mind the Admin and those that know who I am, will be taking a break from paintball for a few years. I can still be reached on EP but will only semi-frequently be checking the forums to ensure they are up and working.

    More EP stickers will be coming when more funds are available.

    So play hard, and play lots everybody.

    Quote Originally Posted by mod004 View Post
    EdmontonPaintball.com has been envisioned as a site where all Paintball players can get along. Regardless of who plays where or for whom. Lets please keep it that way by preventing/ending any argument.

    Where ever you play. Who ever your loyal to. Keep it to that and keep in mind we are all in the same boat. We all play Paintball and love it. So lets not let something like we are better here, i like here better, you suck this, there sucks that get in the way. Nor should that image be projected to new players. This site gets multiple visits from non-paintball players on a regular basis. Many of whom DO NOT sign up to the forums and read the articles and forums for info. ALL FIELDS and ALL PLAYERS are welcome here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mod007 View Post
    Hey guys, just wanted to point out some of the new rules that I will be enforcing. Im not going to keep track of who im giving warnings two, and with so many new members coming to this site I want equal treatment for the regulars and the newbies. This is your one warning.

    1. Absolutely any foul language posted up on these boards that the swear filter does not catch will result in at least a 2 day ban. I ask everyone to read their posts that contain swears after that have submitted them and if they still contain recognizable swear to delete them manually. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT IS SHOWN!

    2. All posts with the main purpose to flame or insult any other members on these boards will result in at least a 2 day ban. This has the potential to result in a permanent ban or an IP ban if it gets out of control. I can understand snaps or zingers among friends, but keep it away from the boarderline.

    3. Please do not try to envoke people to flame you to get them banned, enough instances will result in a ban for you aswell.

    4. You can say absolutely anything in a personal message, no one else gets to read them. That being said, I HIGHLY suggest not insulting someone you do not know in person though, because it is quite possible you may meet them in person, and everything said on the internet is taken the wrong way.

    5. You might as well call me Mod00-Gonna-Ban-You until the flaming on this forum slows down. A hostile community is not what we want to show to the new comers to our sport and the parents of our underage portion of the community.

    6. We have mods on these forums for one reason, to moderate. If you need some moderation done, or feel that someone is out of line. PM A MOD!!!! Do not try to take it into your own hands, it only makes you look like a fool. Please report inappropriate posts to mods aswell.

    Have a good day and play nice.

    All comments on my moderation skills can be made PM'd to "Admin".


    PS The easiest way to remain respectful to anybody is to remember this:

    "would you say that to your mother, brother, father, sister, son, daughter, teacher or boss" then click the Post button :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    If you are going to PM/E-Mail me about an issue you are having on EP please do not just say that there is an issue and telling me to fix it. PLEASE tell me something about it, you can't fix anything if you don't know where to look.

    Bad Example:

    Good Example:

    Please and THANK YOU.

    You can reach me (best) through PM or if that is not possible by e-mailing admin@EdmontonPaintball.com
    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    New Forum Rule Regarding Events:

    Non-Advertisers may post their events for their respective event. However thread will be automatically locked and postings deleted. To have your thread open for discussion you may either advertise with EdmontonPaintball.com by either purchasing banner space and/or a Sponsored forum or pay a $20 Event Promoting Fee to keep the thread alive and allow members to discuss. To set this up please contact the Admin via PM or e-mailing Admin@EdmontonPaintball.com

    We have decided to do this to remain fair to the other paying advertisers that help keep this forum alive. After all it does cost money to run this site and everything comes out of my pocket :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by Mod420 View Post
    Good morning!

    So, I've just finished spending some more of my valuable time on moderating posts made by mostly kids, that are causing havoc on the site, and making things worse off for everyone. I've had a few thoughts during this last bit of trouble, and I'm putting up a friendly reminder here to make things easier ... before we have to over-moderate this site just to keep things clean, making things crummy for everyone.

    ** If you are young and don't have the attention span to read my entire post (which I would suggest you take the time to do anyways) -- read everything in BOLD, it's enough to give you a general idea of what I am trying to say, without being long-winded.


    Remember when you created your user account (some of you seem to do that weekly, but I'll mention more on that topic later), and as part of the agreement to use the site, you verified that you were 13 years of age or older? HMM!! This is not the first incident I've dealt with where a user tells me "cut me some slack, I'm only [insert any age between 9-12 here]". THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE! You lied about your age to get on the site!

    Now I'm all about inclusion and letting our youth grow into responsible adults -- but WHEN I AM DEALING WITH BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES OF A 12-YEAR OLD ON A SITE THAT ALLOWS ONLY AGE 13+ USERS, I am surprised that a kid would even use that excuse. BEING YOUNG IS NO LONGER AN EXCUSE FOR POOR ATTITUDES/BEHAVIOR ON EP. IN FACT I WILL KICK/BAN/MOD THE S%@T OUT OF YOUR POSTS even harder, 'cause you're not supposed to be here.

    Most fields will allow you to begin playing paintball at the young age of 10. EP allows you to join the online community at 13. There's 3 years there where kids have nowhere to go -- and with the Internet beiong such a popular communication medium, I understand that we're going to recieve a younger crowd as part of our userbase. This doesn't mean we're going to "change the rules" for kids, they're still the same for a 13-year old as they are for a 43-year old. You're both expected to show the same minimum level of maturity on this site.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this: To all the "young" users of EP that have lied about their age to create a username (or usernames) -- BEHAVE. I don't want to become the Evil Mod and ban a pile of kids from this site, stopping them from finding out online when the next Tournament or Josh Davey Kids' Night is, or conversing with their friends/peers and forming new paintball teams, etc. What I DO want is you kids to start acting your age; if you're a big enough kid to own an Ion and talk the talk about being a big "tourney baller", then you can also show some self-control and conduct yourself in a responsible manner. THIS INCLUDES SPELLING AS WELL. THERE IS A SPELLCHECKER INCLUDED ON THIS SITE, USE IT SO WE CAN ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING (all ages!). POSTS WITH LITTLE TO NO ENGLISH IN THEM WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT REASON; If you can't spare enough english to make a sensible post, then I won't waste anymore (there must be a shortage!) explaining why I deleted your post. If you have questions about it, send a PM to me.

    Anyways ... I'm out of typing energy. PLEASE take some of this to heart, it'll make things better for everyone ... and I won't have to waste your bandwidth with my massive essays.

    Good luck to everyone playing this weekend;
    Quote Originally Posted by Mod420 View Post

    Hello everyone;

    It has been brought to the attention of EP Staff that there may be certain proprietors and business owners that are selling equipment on this forum under their own personal logins, to bypass having to be an advertiser on this forum. While the sale of personal 'gear in the Buy/Sell forum is encouraged, the rule still remains that all commercial vendors (i.e. Store Owners, Online Store reps, etc.) must become a paid advertiser on this site before advertisement rights will be granted in the public forums.

    This is not a new change, and the gist of this thread is not pointed at any one individual or post, but a gentle reminder to our user base that such misuse of our free public forums is discouraged and may result in administrative disciplines (no, not the stuff from Starship Troopers!!).

    Once again, to everyone -- please refrain from advertising your shop's equipment on this forum unless you have become a recognized Advertiser of EP and made the investment to do so. The only exception is an individual who wishes to advertise their own equipment that is on consignment at a paintball vendor. At that, please ensure that the advertising for that shop is kept to a minimum (no phone numbers in your thread, nor additions of prices & add-ons for your equipment that is available at said store).

    Edmonton Paintball is committed to continuing to provide a fair and equal opportunity to all of our Advertisers in the hopes that this will foster additional business opportunities to those who wish to make the investment in their business and our site.

    As a request to all users -- please help us maintain that goal. Things are always easier and better when we all choose to co-operate. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please PM myself, or the site Administrator with your concerns. It is our goal to provide as much opportunity to our valued Advertisers -- without you, this site would suffer!

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and happy surfing!

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    Please note DO NOT PUT YOUR PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER IN ANY POST. USE THE PM SYSTEM. For obvious reasons, this is to protect you against unwanted callers. You should only direct your phone number to those you want to have in your private messages. Any phone numbers we see listed will be edited out by the moderators.

  3. Bypassing the swear filter.

    Hey guys, after reading a few posts id like to post out that it is against EPB rules to bypass the swear filter.

    This includes adding special characters like $ or ! to swear words so they show up.

    We've got a zero tolerance policy for this, so if we see it being done it will result in a 1 day ban, and if it continues it will be a one month ban.

    If you know you have made posts that have bypassed the filter, please go edit your posts. The punishments will start as of today, for any new posts made with these illegal words.